Monday 16 May 2022

Another year older and no wiser

what a year! 2020 the pandemic year, the last year of Drumpf! a year to forget, yet we will never forget. Each new year brings new hope. 2021 provides a promise of a better future; a vaccine (last count 3 new vaccines are approved), a new president, a better economy, social events and human contact. And perhaps travel! I long for the freedom to socialize and have interaction with people: family, friends and strangers. Humans are social beings, we have built our culture our socities on gathering and sharing. We are greater than just the sum of our indivdual families. We become stronger with others. Also, we can become distructive as a group. Our nature is to exploit and destroy as much as it is to build and create. Our future and that of those that follow us in this timeline will depend on how we emerge from this pandemic, this historical event. let us all rejoice and seek to make the future more suitable, more compassionite and more enjoyable. Make this year the year you reach out and explore and share your experience and your love.

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