Friday 3 April 2020

Change is the Future

Just as the passage of time, change happens and continues, weither we like it or not; The future is change, either through entropy or actively -time advances and things change. 
Once we thought (as a species) that the stars were fixed in the firmament of the sky and mountains were unmovable. The passage of time has changed these assumptions.
Even our earth's orbit is now known to be less fixed and always changing through time and space. 

Technology is always advancing, trying to maintain a status quo in the fast and advancing pace of IT would not be standing still it would be falling backwards. As technology improves what is unchanged become antiquated, dated and irrelevant. 

Healthcare is another field which always looks to the future. New medications, treatments and interventions extend lives, increases patient safety and eliminated diseases. We have seen this with vaccines, insulin, and AIDS treatment, what was a death sentence is now a chronic condition treatable and survivable. 

We talk about disruption technology in healthcare, yet the pace of change continues and advances. What is viewed as disruption is only the ongoing advancements that occur and must continue to happen to make the future a better place.

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