Friday, 3 April 2020

Change is the Future

Just as the passage of time, change happens and continues, weither we like it or not; The future is change, either through entropy or actively -time advances and things change. 
Once we thought (as a species) that the stars were fixed in the firmament of the sky and mountains were unmovable. The passage of time has changed these assumptions.
Even our earth's orbit is now known to be less fixed and always changing through time and space. 

Technology is always advancing, trying to maintain a status quo in the fast and advancing pace of IT would not be standing still it would be falling backwards. As technology improves what is unchanged become antiquated, dated and irrelevant. 

Healthcare is another field which always looks to the future. New medications, treatments and interventions extend lives, increases patient safety and eliminated diseases. We have seen this with vaccines, insulin, and AIDS treatment, what was a death sentence is now a chronic condition treatable and survivable. 

We talk about disruption technology in healthcare, yet the pace of change continues and advances. What is viewed as disruption is only the ongoing advancements that occur and must continue to happen to make the future a better place.

Friday, 2 February 2018

A New Year a new beginning

Each and every day we wake with the full potential that 24 hours gives us. What we do with that time is ultimately up to us. You can choose to wake up at 5 am, take the dog out go for a walk; or you can sleep in, spending your precious time asleep. It’s your choice. You can choose to work hard and achieve your set goals or simply coast along.

Each year is much the same, we wake up January 1st with the full potential of a year. Some of us, unfortunately, will be unable to fulfill that potential. Since Jan 1st, a mere 31 days, I have attended 6 funerals, and several passings of which I couldn't attend the funeral. It's been a long winter and a tough one for many who are elderly or ill. Young or old we can not avoid the call that takes us out of this world, and depending on your beliefs, into the next.

A sobering thought as we enter February. This next year is a new beginning for us at Clarity Health Inc. Since 2001, we have built and deployed Clarity Healthcare Solutions, our inpatient assessment tools at some major hospitals in Ontario. We are small yet we have provided excellent services and products.

Last fall we were approached and agreed to sell Clarity Healthcare Solutions to VitalHub (TSXV:VHI) a publicly traded Canadian Health software company. We will still be providing our consulting and support services to all our current and future clients. This isn't an end this is a beginning. Hoping all of you our clients, consultants, colleagues, vendors and friends a successful and prosperous NEW YEAR. Don't sleep through it

Friday, 29 September 2017

Are you Chronic? You may be and don't realize it.

The reality of our current approach to health and medicine is that we are living longer with chronic conditions. What use to kill us in a matter of months or years now we live with for decades. Diabetes, AIDS, COPD, and other previously fatal conditions are now routine chronic conditions.

With chronic conditions comes chronic pain, both require life long medications. Its expensive and its till death do us part.

No surprise that many people with chronic conditions and pain usually suffer from one or more diseases and take one or more medication regularly. It is now routine for folks to have 2, 3 even 4 prescriptions. Better living with drugs, as the saying goes.

If you have been diagnosed with an illness that is irreversible, can't be cured, yet is managed by prescription drugs than you are chronic. Part of the growing population for people living with rather than dying from your disease.

The ageing population, the advancements in medical treatment and pharmaceutical means we live longer. We just need to keep taking those meds.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Your Doctor doesn't care about your Fitbit data

If you're like millions of people with a Fitbit, Garmin, Withings or other consumer personal health device you already know: your doctor doesn't care how many steps you take daily, or your weight scale readings, your sleep cycle data or any number of other quantitative measures you may have on your health/fitness devices. Your family doctor isn't going to check your stats...ever. What does all this personal health data really mean?