Friday, 3 September 2010

Clarity Health Solutions and the Integrated Assessment Record (IAR)

As most Healthcare professionals are aware, the Community Care Information Solutions Group has been busy working on a provincial solution to manage and maintain the Integrated Assessment Record.

The purpose of the IAR, as it is called, is an initiative within CCIM to allow assessment information to be viewed by health service providers in a secure manner.
It can be used to access and view assessment information which is centrally located at a Health Information Network Provider (HINP) identified by the LHIN Steering Committee.

The IAR repository, being a central repository of collected data, is a means to share assessments across Community Mental Health organizations, Hospital Emergency departments, Primary-Care and Hospital Mental Health in-patient teams. This is done in order to provide improved quality care ...

Consulting Cadre was one of the first vendors to jump on to the idea of the IAR repository by working with the IAR team and integrating the necessary behaviour and requirements into the Clarity Healthcare Solutions (CHS) family of products - CCRS, NRRS, MHRS and HCRS.

At the time of writing this entry, the IAR team is concentrating only on the sharing of MHRS assessments. CHS has been modified to adhere to the IAR team's requirements , has been unit-tested by CHS developers, and is currently ready and waiting for general Vendor Acceptance Testing to begin in October with the IAR team. Once Consulting Cadre passes this acceptance testing - the CHS-IAR solution can and will be rolled out to our customers in the effected LHINs for deployment.

There has been discussion with the IAR team that this level of provincial shared assessment repositories will be potentially utlitized in the future for other Healthcare domains such as CCRS, NRRS and HCRS ...

Stay tuned for updates ...

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