Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Future Thinking

What will the world be like in 5, 10 , 15 years? Today we look back at the last 15-20 years with amazement at the changes we are witnessing. Time marches on and brings changes some foreseen while others aren't.

In university I took a "Future Studies" course. It was intriguing and enlightening. Did you know you can be a "futurist"? Simply join the World Future Society.
Knowing about the future involves both an understanding of the past and the integration of the present. Everyone should study the future, after all it is where we will be living the rest of our lives there.

Flying cars, and trips to space were all promises of the future when I was a teenager. It didn't happen or at least not yet. We have seen a great deal of other developments, the internet, global communication networks to name just a few.

I also recall as a child thinking about having a computer companion. A know-it-all machine that I could ask anything and get an answer. Some may say its not quite there yet, but I believe we are very close to it.

Imagining the future is the first step to creating a better one.

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