Monday 24 August 2015

Company Name Change to Clarity Health Inc.

My career began as a co-op student at the University of Waterloo. My first professional job was with Algoma Steel, an illustrious company in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. The job started in January 1980, working for the MIS department in their Database Administration group. Winter in the Sault are legendary, for those of you who don't know where Sault Ste. Marie I welcome you to look it up and see the winter temperatures. The company, the people and the job experience was great, and I was pleased and happy to be asked to return for a second work-term the following year, this time in the fall a glorious time to be in Algoma and experience the fall colours of Agawa Canyon.

Following this wonderful experience my next company job was with Canada Trust in their IT Headquarters in London, Ontario.
Further south, and again a great company, exceptional professionals and fulfilling job roles for a student yet to complete his degree. I worked with the credit card processing, mortgages and corporate loans systems. I also was exposed to ATM processing. For three consecutive work-terms my software development skills improved and business acumen increased.

As luck would have it my first job out of university was also in London, Ontario. A Canadian software systems company called Systemhouse, later to be SHL Systemhouse, later to be MCI Systemhouse, EDS/MCI Worldcom and eventually was rolled into HP many years later. With SHL my professional career developed exponentially from programmer, system analyst, project manager, and consultant; contracts and projects ran the gambit from national banks, local companies and internationally renowned organizations. Some of the companies I have worked for have come and gone and some have changed names; Polysar, NorTel, Dean Witter Reynolds, Bell Northern Research, TD, SaskTel, Elder-Beerman, OLCB,PLCB, RIM. My experience included national and international assignments working in Saskatchewan; Pennsylvania; Rome, Italy; and other locations. My love for the work increased with each successfully project and each satisfied customer.

In 1991, I began to work as an independent consultant and found my experience a commodity that was needed and valued. Initially my business name was simply Rinaldi Consulting, later to become Rinaldi Consulting Cadre to reflect the addition of others working with me. In 1996, the incorporation name became Consulting Cadre International Inc. again to reflect the range of customers and contractors. Now nearly 19 years later we have become Clarity Health Inc.

Clarity Health Inc. best suits our business, products and services. Since 2001, our team have focused on healthcare and health related products and services. Clarity Healthcare Solutions(TM) is our flagship product line used in inpatient units across the province of Ontario to collect and submit patient assessment data to Canadian Institute of Health Information. We were the first web-based National Rehabilitation (NRS) reporting system approved by CIHI in 2001. Our products are used by some of the largest rehab and teaching hospitals; UHN-TRI, Hamilton Health Sciences Centre, Thunder Bay Regional Hospital and others across Ontario. Clarity Health Journal(TM) is the first Consumer Health Application (CHA) certified for use by Health Canada Infoway in 2012/2013. Used by families to track personal health details and sharing their health information with clinicians and other family, Clarity Health Journal empowers patients to improve their health. Consumer and patient engagement using Clarity Health Inc. products means more sustainable healthcare system.

After over 30 years my career has evolved and progressed to where I am both happy and proud of the products and services we deliver to our satisfied customers. The past experiences have informed and improved our future direction as Clarity Health Inc. I've enjoyed working with tremendous, exceptional professionals. Over the years many people have come and gone, each have left their mark and impression on our organization. Our team of health consultants, software engineers and developers are phenomenal, and focused on making Clarity Health Inc. a renowned organization for the next 30 years.

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